About me

Being conscious is so important  nowadays but at the same time we  shouldn‘t forget about all the beauty  and wonderful things we have and we can share. We sometimes need to free ourselves from all the bothers of life and live in the moment in order to be able to start new projects and collaborations. Instead of fighting each other, let’s join forces, work together and make this world a little brighter.

We are looking forward to a new chapter with our label. With a new sub collection called WE ARE THE WORLD we will collaborate from now on and in the future with great artists and artisans all over the world. Hoping to bring joy to our customers and support people who are less fortunate then we are.

The jewellery and scarfs are hand-made from Protsaah Design. They are supporting artisans all over the world affected by conflicts and violence as well as instability. The cashmere scarf is pure pashmina, handwoven by artisans from the 
Kashmir valley – Pashmina’s birth place. The silver jewellery is handcrafted by women artisans from the Lhasa valley in Tibet. Every piece we sell empowers artisans to take care of themselves and their family.

We work with upcycled materials as we believe in reduction as a sustainable way to reduce waist. Further more we use a lot of tencel in our new collections because its just a very sustainable and great material. Part of the collection is produced at IDM in Thun, Switzerland. The other part in Thailand, where we work with a small family business under Swiss conditions.

About Claudia Nabholz: After studying psychology, she opened her own cafe Frau Meise with a boutique and a bed and breakfast in Baden.

Her own label was started in 2012.

Since 2020 she is a co founder of www.lafleurdouce.ch