[dropcap2]i[/dropcap2]Bellow are a few quick screen captures made with screenr that show you how easy it is to set up your site.

Appart from the first one this is a series of videos each building upon the knowledge of the previous so if you watch them in order you pretty much get the idea on how the theme works 😉

I would highly recommend to watch the videos in fullscreen ;D


Flashlight Theme Demo 1:
Installation and using the auto importer

This short video demonstrates how you can setup a site that looks almost like my theme demo within 2 minutes. The auto importing script fetches settings, posts and pages from the live demo site and adds them to your installation.

That way you don’t have to start from zero, if you dont want to.

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Flashlight Theme Demo 2:
Adding Galleries the easy way

This screencast shows how easy it is to upload even a large number of images and create a gallery within minutes. The options available help you to create a gallery for every purpose: fullscreen galleries with smooth transitions, image list attached to your blog posts etc
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Flashlight Theme Demo 3:
Using Shortcodes

A short screencast that shows the visual shortcode editor that helps grouping your content in a better way. You will see how to add columns, horizontal rulers, drop-caps, toggles and icon boxes
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Flashlight Theme Demo 4:
Setting up the menu with the help of your menu manager

Since the theme comes with a menu that allows for neat subtitles this video shows how to add those subtitles.
And in case you are new to WordPress you will of course also learn how to setup a menu in general 😉


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